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Birhen Ng Lujan Quasi Parish Prolife Ministry: Defend Life
"Jesus, Mary and Joseph Transform
The Culture of Death into a Culture of Life"

Participants Since We Started in September 2009

We are supporting poor families with as much medicine and food as we can.

The First Participants: Some of Their Short Stories

Ellen is a 35 years-old mother with 6 children, including this newborn baby.  She works sewing rags and her husband sells them as mops.  One of her daughters is a participant of our feeding program for malnourish children. (Through the feeding program we feed 50 malnourished children, each one receiving food daily for 6 consecutive months.) She had been bringing her daughter everyday for the feeding program and one day she shared with us that she was pregnant. Since she and her husband have difficulties meeting their daily needs, the easiest answer for them was to just abort the baby.

I encouraged her to keep the baby and promised to help her. From that point on, I followed up and brought her to prenatal care until she gave birth to a baby girl.

Two weeks after the birth of the baby girl, we realized that the baby had symptoms of hydrocephalus. With the funds that we received we were able to assist her with the medical needs. I brought her to specialist who did many laboratory tests and as a result confirmed that the baby had severe hydrocephalus. The doctor advised her to seek an operation for the baby. She recommended various hospitals where we could choose to bring the baby according to what we could afford.

October 2, 2009 the baby was admitted for the operation, but three days later the baby passed away due to complications.

The mother, despite of what happened, said she was very grateful for all the help and care we showed her. She was very peaceful because she had made the right decision to keep her baby. In fact, when the doctor told her after the examination that even after the operation the baby would still be helpless, she told me on our way home that it did not matter if her baby would be helpless. She will still going to try her best to take care of her daughter because she realized the value of life. She said she couldn't imagine if she had continued her plan to kill the baby in her womb.

Below are few of the pregnant young women and teens who are abortion-minded. We try to help them to keep the their babies by offering them prenatal care and as much of the necessities for their future baby as we can.

This participant is 17 years-old, a former member of the church choir. When she and her boyfriend (who is also 17) found out about the pregnancy, they were tempted to abort and to commit suicide because their parents were very upset and disappointed in them.

She is a recent high school graduate from a broken family. Her father left them when her youngest sister was just one year-old. After one older brother, she is the eldest girl and has two younger sisters and a younger brother.

Finally she decided to keep the baby when we offered her some help and when her boyfriend convinced his parents to let her come home. She is expected to have the baby in January of 2010.

She is 23 years-old and her boyfriend left her after he learned that she is pregnant. After a negative reaction from her parents, she was also kicked out of their house. Now she is living with her aunt who will accommodate her for the meantime. We are helping her with the prenatal care and some vitamins that she needs to take until she gave birth. She will be due in February or March.

She just turned 17 last month and she is 4 months pregnant with her boyfriend. She is also from a broken family. She is not living with either of her parents, and she moves from one relative to another.

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