Servants of the Lord and the Virgin of Matará

Community of Blessed Marie de l'Incarnation
Saint John the Baptist Convent
300 Wilson Street
Peterborough ON K9J 1T2 Canada
(705) 745-7631
serving in the Diocese of Peterborough

Our mission here began in December, 2010. Currently, we collaborate in various aspects of parish work at the Church of St. John the Baptist, an IVE parish.

Our main works of evangelization are the following:

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Our Patron
The Blessed Marie de l’Incarnation (1599-1672)
Marie Guyart was born in Tours, France on October 28, 1599. Although she desired to enter relgious life, her parents gave her in marriage to Claude Martin in 1617.  She became a mother in April, 1619, and lost her husband in the same year, after only two years of marriage.  She then dedicated herself to working to pay off her husband's debts and to carring for Simon, their young son.

In 1631, after entrusting her son as a young adolescent to the care of his aunt, she entered the community of the Ursulines de Tours because she felt that God had a new plan for her.  Within religious life, she experienced another call which was accompanied by mystical visions of an unknown wilderness which she discerned later to be the forests of New France, later known as Canada.

On August 1, 1639, she arrived in New France to begin the mission of the Ursulines.  The goal of this mission in New France was to evangelize and educate the young French and Amerindian children.  Marie de l’Incarnation not only lead her religious community amidst the great hardships of the colonial period, but also so mastered the new languages of the indigenous as to write a French-Iroquois dictionary as well as catechisms in various native languages. She died on April 30, 1672, following a brief illness.  The extraordinary life of this woman, who founded the Ursuline community in New France, is known to us today thanks to her voluminous correspondence with her son (who became a Benedictine), as well as to her autobiography that she wrote for him as well.

Marie de l’Incarnation was beatified on June 22, 1980, (text in Spanish, not available in English) by Pope John Paul II.  The role that she played in the evangelisation of the colony, her determination and her ability to overcome the difficulties she faced in New France make her a true example of perseverance.

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